The Little Prince

Yes, there are spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The Little Prince is about an aviator pilot that befriends a very ‘to-the-schedule’ girl. Through the movie, he tells her a story about a little prince, who is kind of king of his own planet… and let me tell you, this movie was something else.

Now, I don’t typically watch a lot of animated movies, but last year in my French class we were talking about The Little Prince, and then recently in my French class this year we had a brief discussion about it. So, I decided to give this movie a go and see what there was to see.

I just want to say that the animation is pretty spectacular. It’s very well done and the art style is amazing. I wasn’t sure if I would like it that much, and I did, I loved the movie.

The actual plot of the movie was really amazing too. It’s about this girl who tries so hard to get into Werth Academy. After the interview with the school board (I believe), the little girl and her mom move into the school boundaries so that the school has no choice but to take her. Over the summer the girl befriends her next door neighbor, the “neighborhood nut job” if you will, and he tells her a story about the Little Prince.

The relationship between the mom and the daughter (girl) is just great (well, it’s not good, but it’s great for the plot line I suppose). The mom wants her daughter to succeed in life and get a 9-5 job, living in a square white house, brushing her teeth at 7:15 AM, sharp. The daughter having grown up on this belief, of course, follows it down to the very core… until one day the next-door neighbor (the Aviator) flies a paper air plane with the  beginnings of his story written on it.

Watching the relationship grow between the girl and the Aviator was really fun to watch. At first the girl is really skeptical of the Aviator, because he’s this lunatic living in a two-story house with a chimney and a plane in his backyard. Over the summer, the girl grows to be friends with the Aviator. He continues to unravel the story of the Little Prince.

When the Aviator mentioned that he would be leaving, and leaving alone, is where the feels started to hit. The girl is so eager to go find the Little Prince that at every given moment she volunteers to go with him. And at this point of the movie they had spent to summer repairing the Aviator’s plane and talking about what it means to be a grown up to them, so the relationship between the two is pretty strong.

Towards the end of the summer, the girl and the mom get into a fight so the girl storms to the Aviators house, 100% ready to go on the journey to find the Little Prince. But, instead of going, the Aviator decided to have the girl finish the Little Prince story. After she finishes the story, the girl has all these questions but the Aviator has no answers.

At this point in the movie, I’m crying my eyes out because not only did the girl get into a fit with her mom, but also with her one and only friend. Plus, the girl doesn’t realize that the Aviator is dying.

So, when the Aviator is taken to the hospital, the girl decides to go on the journey to find the Little Prince. On her journey she encounters all the people mentioned in the story — the King, the conceded man, and the penny-pincher. The girl is successful in her journey and takes the Little Prince back to his planet. By the time the Little Prince is back to his planet, his rose has died. The girl compares the Aviator to her rose and I’m back to crying again.

All-in-all, this movie was spectacular. Plus, the soundtrack is so beautiful. Since it was originally in French, all the songs (more or less) are in French. 11/10 wold recommend. 





Can we please just take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is the musical Hamilton?

If you don’t know what Hamilton is, it’s a Broadway hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton written by Lin-Manuel Miranda (and it’s fabulous). Lin wrote the musical and he also plays Hamilton in it (and he is such an amazing person). (If you don’t know who Hamilton is, he’s the guy on the ten dollar bill.)

I first heard about Hamilton from a person at school and I didn’t really think much about it because I wasn’t really into musicals at the time, but then more and more of my friends starting talking about it and saying how good it was that I decided to listen to it too… and let me tell you, it is amazing!

Everything, from the opening number (“Alexander Hamilton”) to the closing number (“Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”) is absolutely beautiful. At the beginning of Act I, you think that the musical is a fun, light-hearted musical about Alexander Hamilton (obviously), but then it takes a turn and you are left open mouthed and possibly crying by the end of Act II. (There are only two acts.)

Hamilton teaches the history of America through a musical. It starts with Alexander Hamilton meeting Aaron Burr. At first, Burr is willing to help Hamilton, but as the musical goes on, the two start to get on each others nerves (particularly Hamilton on Burr’s, which leads to multiple disputes between them). It portrays the ups and downs of building America.

I’d have to say that my top favorite tracks from the musical are “Guns and Ships” (characters: Lafayette, Burr, Washington, and Company), “Dear Theodosia” (characters: Burr, Hamilton), “A Winters Ball” (Burr, Hamilton, and Company), “What’d I Miss” (characters: Jefferson, Burr, Madison, Washington, Hamilton, and Company), “The Adams Administration” (Burr, Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, and Company), “The Reynolds Pamphlet” (characters: Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, Burr, Angelica, and Company).

All-in-all if you haven’t listened to Hamilton, I’d strongly recommend listening to it at least once.