A reflection on writing

I love writing. I love words. I love being able to express myself through poetry and letters and novels. Writing just seems easier for me rather than having a conversation with someone.

But in the past year I haven’t written as much as I have in years past… and it makes me sad. It could be between the hubbub of school and life that keeps me from writing… or it could be because of the fact that I haven’t had to inspiration to write. Trust me, I have lots of opinions on just about everything but no inspiration to turn my thoughts in words.

Just typing this blog post feels amazing, being able to write and have my fingers press down on the keyboard. I miss that.

Now, don’t get me wrong I have tried to write. I’ll sit down at my desk with some jazzy music playing, my head filled with all these thoughts that I want to be able to express. I’ll open up a word document or a blog post page. I’ll type a sentence and then maybe another sentence… then I’ll stop. Then I delete the fifteen words I have on the page.

This goes on for about an hour before I finally give up and scroll through blogs I follow or thumb through novels looking for inspiration.

“Writers need to read in order to write.” That’s been said over and over and over. While it is true, it’s also not true. I read — avidly. I read news articles, novels, comic books, blog posts, literally anything. But then why do I this writer’s block?

I’ll tell you that it’s irritating because I love expressing myself through writing.

Maybe I just need to try harder with writing. But then doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Writing shouldn’t be forceful or a chore. It should be a fun expression of self, right?


Spoken Word Poetry

Here are a few of my favorite spoken word poets and a few of their poems.

  1. When Love Arrives by Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye
  2. Future Tense by Neil Hilborn (NPS 2014)
  3. Joey by Neil Hilborn (TGS 2014)
  4. When A Boy Tells You He Loves You by Edwin Bodney
  5. U Fine by Sienna Burnett
  6. Somewhere in America – #BNV14 Finals: Los Angeles
  7. Shots Fires – #BNV14 Finals: Los Angeles
  8. Repetition by Phil Kay
  9. I Won’t Write Your Obituary by Nora Cooper (CUPSI 2015)
  10. The Perfect Panic Attack by Patrick Roche (NPS 2015)

7 Things To Know About Introverts

  1. Introverts are not the best at starting conversations and we use tactics uncommon to the common extrovert. These may include clearing the throat, hand gestures, and making silences uncomfortable.
  2. If someone invites you to a party on Friday night instead of staying at home, alone with a hot cup of tea and How I Met Your Mother… then they are probably not an introvert…
  3. Introverts are quiet, until they get comfortable around you, but you typically have to start the conversation yourself if you want to get to know them.
  4. If someone invites you to ‘Netflix and Chill,’ then they probably aren’t an introvert, unless they mean ‘You stay at your house in your fuzzy monkey socks by yourself Netflix and Chill’ (minus the Chill).
  5. Introverts are not the best are starting conversations and we use tactics uncommon to the common extrovert. These may include loud clearings of the throat, subtle hand gestures, and sitting in uncomfortable silences; so if you think a silence is uncomfortable, then start a fucking conversation.
  6. Introverts need time to recharge after being out in social situations, so if I say ‘I’m sorry, I can’t hang out today,’ it’s not because I don’t want to hang out with you, it’s because I got my hair cut and the stylist was very talkative.
  7. Introverts can sometimes have a hard time getting their feelings across, but when I’m ready to talk about something, you will be the first person I go to.

Empty Words of Love – A Poem

I’ve debated on publishing this poem for some time, not because I’m afraid of anyone seeing it but because it pretty personal to me. However, I’ve just decided to go for it.

Empty Words of Love by Katelynn Showers

I fell hard and fast

Loving you with every fiber


You made me feel like

I was on top of the world

Like a sky tie-dyed with a

Kaleidoscope rainbow


When I met you I felt


But when you left me

I felt abandoned


I fell hard

I let my walls down

From a distance you watched


And I still sit here quoting the same

lines from the same TV shows

And I try to replace your voice

with mine

But when I do yours comes sling shooting

back to me


I learned that you would never truly love me


From a distance you watched

Me fall head-over-heels

As I lay here crying

You offer me

Empty words of Love


Now my sky is a storm cloud

Filled with what ifs, how comes, and

Empty words of Love

While you sky, well, if a kaleidoscope


Your fingers brushed over my skin

Tracing little circles of empty promises

Now they trace little circles

Over hers


You wanted me to be her

But I could never be her

And while I still tried to be her

I lost myself in the process


And now I sit here, quoting the same lines

Trying to replace your voice with