A reflection on writing

I love writing. I love words. I love being able to express myself through poetry and letters and novels. Writing just seems easier for me rather than having a conversation with someone.

But in the past year I haven’t written as much as I have in years past… and it makes me sad. It could be between the hubbub of school and life that keeps me from writing… or it could be because of the fact that I haven’t had to inspiration to write. Trust me, I have lots of opinions on just about everything but no inspiration to turn my thoughts in words.

Just typing this blog post feels amazing, being able to write and have my fingers press down on the keyboard. I miss that.

Now, don’t get me wrong I have tried to write. I’ll sit down at my desk with some jazzy music playing, my head filled with all these thoughts that I want to be able to express. I’ll open up a word document or a blog post page. I’ll type a sentence and then maybe another sentence… then I’ll stop. Then I delete the fifteen words I have on the page.

This goes on for about an hour before I finally give up and scroll through blogs I follow or thumb through novels looking for inspiration.

“Writers need to read in order to write.” That’s been said over and over and over. While it is true, it’s also not true. I read — avidly. I read news articles, novels, comic books, blog posts, literally anything. But then why do I this writer’s block?

I’ll tell you that it’s irritating because I love expressing myself through writing.

Maybe I just need to try harder with writing. But then doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Writing shouldn’t be forceful or a chore. It should be a fun expression of self, right?


One thought on “A reflection on writing

  1. I’ll say-> let it flow. Do not go back and re-read. Never. Write whole chapter or small story. Then read it. Fix places u r very unhappy about. That’s all. It still seems ‘raw’ to u? That’s OKAY! #justopinion


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