Fake much?

Between Twitter, Facebook, and even Snapchat, news is being shared, liked, and posted everywhere at anytime.

However, not all of the news that you read to actual news that is happening in the world. Some people call this news “alternative facts” (how stupid does that sound?) or “fake news”. Being a student who is in journalism in high school and wants to actually pursue journalism as a career, this hurts me.

The fact that people circulate fake news daily just so that they can make money makes me sick. These people are hurting the world’s view on journalists and the news that they report.

To help counter all of the fake news and “alternative facts” (I still can’t get over how stupid that sounds and the fact that people buy it…) just use a little common sense and look into the author of the article or look at the sources. This article from fastcheck.org is really helpful in spotting fake news.

I cannot believe that people would ruin the journalistic image people they want to perpetuate false views or try to sway people one way or another.

I know that even journalists themselves have not been 100% honest in reporting. I’m not trying to put all journalists on a pedestal, but what about the honest ones? Or the student journalists that actually have a love and passion for reporting news?

All I’m saying is that people should think twice before they start reporting “alternative facts” (…) and ruining the journalistic image.


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