Thoughts on the election

I know that the election is almost over, as tomorrow is November 8 and this will likely be posted after Election Day, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on it so far.

Firstly, I just want to say that I am a Democrat and if you have and issue with the post, then please don’t read it.

With that being said, let’s get into things.

I first want to talk about the fact of how this election seems like a nightmare and at some point we all will wake up and get back to our normal lives. Sadly, this is not the case. 

If people are this afraid of the candidates, then why did we let this election spiral out of control the way it did? We knew who the (most of) the candidates were before this election cycle (and yes, I’m talking about Trump here…). If we were so fearful of let’s say Hilary and Trump, because those are our only options left, then why did they receive the most votes in the Primary Election (I believe that’s what it’s called, but I’m not entirely sure)? 

Secondly, I want to talk a bit more directly about the candidates, Clinton and Trump.

While I am a Democrate, I don’t fully believe in everything that Hilary has done, namely the emails (since that’s something that’s a very popular thing the talk about). However, I’m much more afraid of what Trump would do in office than I am of Hilary. (But that’s not the sole reason why I’m a Democrat).

Trump is a lot worse in my opinion. First off, he has no respect for women and has repeatedly, on air might I add, has said crude things about and toward women. Let’s take the Miss Universe thing for example. In a early morning session, Trump completely slandered the women for her ethnicity and weight. Trump has also said that he would have sex with his daughter if she wasn’t his daughter. Is that the type of person you want in the White House? Is that the type of person you want running our country? 

Just know that who ever wins this election will severely impact the way that future generations will grow up and also how the world perceives our nation.


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