Places to be (and behind you is not one of them)

Picture this: the bell rings to go to lunch and you want to peel out of your class as fast as you can. You have a three page essay to finish before your next period and a chicken salad to eat. Your only dilemma: the slowest walkers that you have ever seen. They mosey on through the courtyard and you just can’t seem to find a way around them. They congregate in groups, in bunches, swarming to Senior Lawn in hoards.

Every single day I am faced with one of my biggest pet peeves — slow walkers. I cannot stand them. I know that I walk fast (like really fast, if there was a speed walking race in the Olympics I would probably get gold), because I have places to be, things to do, and people to talk to. If I have to squeeze myself between two loud and over-perfumed girls to get around the slow walker that has somehow taken up the entire hallway that is a) going to give me a headache and b) make me even more annoyed.

Now, I would run people over without thinking twice, except for the fact that I’m skinny and would get pushed down by a single nudge… So, that option is out. Trying to fit through incredibly small spaces is also impossible between the slow walkers like to also stop in the middle of the hallway! Why? Why do slow walkers feel the insistent need to stop in the middle of a hallway?

I just ask, to all the slow walkers out there, please, know that there are people who need to get places in a hurry and don’t stop in the middle of the hallway.


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