Objectification of girls

Recently, my school watched the Code of Conduct video… and while there were quite a few things wrong with it, the one thing that I think got the most backlash from it was the dress code.

It states: “Ladies, please don’t show your bra straps, backs, butts, breasts, or bellies. Gentlemen, please make sure to wear a belt.”

Right after the video finished, everyone in my class erupted in argument over the laundry list of codes for a girl while the only thing a guy needs to worry about is making sure to have a belt. (Side note: how is the administration going to know that a guy a wearing a belt unless he tucks his shirt in or they ask the guy to show them, which the latter is very… creepy.)

Now, my question is why are girls slandered for their bodies and clothing? We (girls) can’t help that we have boobs or that fact that, yes, sometimes are bra straps do show or fall down ON ACCIDENT. There are things that a guy can get dress coded for (Chubbies, wife beaters, muscle tank tops) but the only thing the school administration decided to say was make sure to wear a belt.

It’s honestly degrading to young women, most of who already have negative body image views on themselves, eating disorders, and/or mental health issues. A guy is not going to get turned on by seeing a bra strap (and if they do, then that’s a whole different issue).

In my opinion, the school administration over sexualizes a girls body and it’s not okay because if this was the subliminal message we are teaching youth, then it will carry on when they are adults.

If you have to pull a girl out of class to tell her that she needs to show less skin, not wear that shirt, or change into disgusting gym clothes (and in summary, tell her to ‘be less of a slut by covering up her shoulder’) shows, time-after-time again, that schools, administration, and society in general values a man’s education over a women’s.



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