Introverted people are often looked at as anti-social or shy. And more often than not, introverts get stepped on by extroverts, especially in school and at work. It’s because they aren’t loud like extroverts.

I’m very introverted, except some people don’t know it. When I’m in small groups with people I’m fairly talkative, and sometimes really loud. But put me in a large group like a classroom, and I crawl into the corner.

Being in large group for long periods of time or being forced to socialize makes my skin crawl and increases my anxiety. It makes me irritable. And because of that, most people think I’m rude when I’m quiet, and I want to be able to tell them that I don’t mean it, it’s just too much for me to talk and interact with them.

I’m much more comfortable sitting with a cup of coffee, reading or writing on a Friday night than hanging out with a large group of friends (like 7+ friends).

Introverts have great ideas, they are just overlooked by extroverted people because they are the ones who are the loudest. Don’t always dismiss someone that they don’t have good ideas or aren’t smart because they’re quiet. More often than not, that person is an introvert and they are too busy thinking of a perfect response or about the topic to answer right away.



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