On Religion

These are my thoughts, and if you have a problem with this subject, please don’t read.

I think that religion is something that people find comfort in… And that if a certain religion doesn’t resonate with you, then you should find one that does.

For the longest time I was taught the Mormon religion, because my grandma was Mormon… While there is nothing wrong with that religion, it never fit comfortably with me. I was constantly confused and questioning myself and my view on life. I never found comfort in that religion. My mom is Taoist and my dad is Buddhist, and those religions (philosophies) rang a bit truer to me, so I decided to explore both of them.

Whenever someone asks me what religion I am, I always say Buddhist. While I don’t fully have a grasp on the Taoist philosophy, the Buddhist philosophy seems a bit too… I don’t want to say conforming, but since it’s the only word I can think of right now, I’m going to use that.

All-in-all, a religion should be something that you find comfort in and something that you believe in. If your religion doesn’t resonate with you, then explore one that does. We all deserve to be happy with what we believe in, and one religion doesn’t fit all. Just like one religion isn’t above another. In the end, all religions have the same fundamental building blocks.


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