Summer school in 117°F heat

Instead of sleeping until noon and writing this summer, I’ve decided to do summer school, but not a history class, I’m doing PE.

Now, this was fully my decision (kind of, I need the credit, but didn’t want to take a full year of PE and I decided to get it over with in one month), I regret it greatly and wish I had never done it.

PE in the middle of summer in Arizona is probably one of the worst decisions I’ve made in my life. It’s 117°F outside, I don’t want to have to run or try to hit a softball. I get that it’s a part of the curriculum, but still, is there anything we can do that’s indoors?

Anyways, there is only one more day left of session one, then finally session two and then I have my credit done with. I’m just counting down the days where I can start sleeping instead of running in insane heat.



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