A rant about life things and going for what you want

photo by mattew wiebe
Photo courtesy of Matthew Wiebe from http://www.unsplash.com

Recently the Universe has taught me a valuable lesson: I can’t control anything, and everything happens for a reason.

Recently there has been a lot of… drama I guess you would say, which I tend to not touch with a ten foot pool, but this drama seemed to suck me into the middle of it without me realizing until I took a step back.

I also learned that you can’t control anything! This is something that I’ve had a hard time with… I’m one of those people who like planning things. I’ve known what college I wanted to do, I’ve known what to do, when to do it, and where to be… and know that it far from the opposite. I have been turned end over end and left sputtering in rain it seems.

So, my advice to you is that if you think you have everything planned out, then don’t because the Universe will take that and spin it into its own will (which is what the Universe loves to do).

If you want to do something, then do it because you never know what will come of it, what will happen, or the experiences you have. If you want to try out for a sport, then dammit, try out for that sport. If you want to play an instrument, then dammit, learn a few chords and build on your knowledge. If you want to take a class about the natural medicine, then dammit, take that class!

What is stopping you? When asked, most people will reply ‘oh, I just don’t have the time.’ Do you not have the time or are you afraid to go after something you want to do.

Sorry if this rant was all over the place and incoherent. If you should get anything from this is that screw what other people think and do what you want to do! You have this wonderful life spread out before you and should do what you want to do, no matter what anyone says (as long as it’s healthy, good for you, and/or betters the world!).


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