8 Reasons To Be Happy

There’s an infinite amount of reason to be happy in this beautiful world. Today, I’m going to share 8 of mine!

  1. Laughing with friends – laughing is a great stress reliever, even if you only laugh for a couple of moments, and laughing with (not at) good company is always a bonus.
  2. Changing Seasons – To me, there is nothing more satisfying than feeling the weather breaking on the first day of autumn, or having the first warm afternoon in the beginning of spring.
  3. The soft white noise sound on old records – Soft jazz, and even swing music, with that soft crackle in the background always makes happy, even if it means the record is damaged a bit.
  4. The feeling after a good run – I love to run, most people think I’m crazy, but I love running… and the feeling after a good run? Priceless.
  5. Sunflowers – Sunflowers are just happy plants. They always remind me of summer back in the town that I grew up (mostly) in…
  6. Hugs – I’m that type of person that likes their personal bubble and space, but I will break my rule for hugs.
  7. Wrapping up in a big hoodie with a cup of tea – I mean, do I really have to explain this one?
  8. Knowing that no dream or idea is ‘too big’ to accomplish – I do admit, I have some pretty big dreams, and I know personally that if I work hard, I will meet those dreams head on and you can too.

I remember a few weeks ago, I was helping my mom stuff envelops for her friends City Council campaign. My mom stamped the letters while I stuffed the envelops, stuck stamps on, and licked the envelops closed. It doesn’t take long before you lose all taste and only start tasting envelop glue… and I remember saying “At least I don’t have to lick the stamps, too.” There is always a reason to be happy, no matter what the circumstance.

Maybe you and your significant other broke up. Fine, you don’t need them if they don’t love you. Maybe you just failed a quiz. That’s okay, now you know what you need to study.

Even if you can’t possibly see what is good about the situation, just remember, everything happens for a reason, and hey, you’re still breathing.  You still woke up on this beautiful day.

“Look up, now look down. Down has an ending. Always look up.” ~ Mod Sun


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