Coffee by myself

From 4th grade until the end of 8th grade, I’ve been home-schooled in a small little town that sat in the middle of the Arizona desert. Even when I went to public school I never really liked children my age… or in general. Truth is, I still don’t.

Most people want friends and for the longest time I wanted friends. Don’t get me wrong, having friends is great, now that I’m going to a brick-and-mortar school, but it’s also very tiring.

Once group of my friends are loud, (and kind of annoying), two of my friends always need help in class, another group of my friends look at me as a little baby freshman, and then there’s my best friend. I don’t mean to complain, but it seems like that’s what I’m doing.

The large majority of people feel comfortable surrounded with friends and people. Most people don’t feel comfortable with just being by themselves. Having a cup of coffee by themselves.

However, I being by myself — record shopping by myself, drinking coffee (at coffee shops) by myself. Although, I do admit, eating at restaurants by myself is a bit weird and if I bring a book to read while I eat, I just end up looking like a jerk.

Most of my friends don’t really understand that I enjoy alone time, in fact, I’m happier when I’m drinking coffee by myself. There aren’t any awkward pauses between conversations, or judging for how many sugars I put in my coffee (which, is far too many…).

Don’t get me wrong, having a variety of friends is amazing, especially coming from homeschooling in a small little town. I also sometimes just need to drink a cup of coffee by myself without them hunting me down.


One thought on “Coffee by myself

  1. The ability to keep your own council and your own company is sadly lacking in our culture. We place far too much value “sharing” with others and being socially correct. You have learned this lesson early and it will stand you in good stead the rest of your life. But beware,although it is a strength, you may attract the weak to your side, particularly love interests. Others may call you aloof or secretive, as if you were committing crimes against humanity. Of course you are young and there is much to learn form life. I think you will do well.

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